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C Zamora | NYC

I want to let everyone know that Sandra decorated our TriBeCa Loft, and we couldn't be happier with it. She has incredible taste, immaculate professionalism, and is just a great person to be around. We became good friends in the process.When I needed a volunteer Interior Designer for the art office of our non-profit organization, SING FOR HOPE, Sandra was the one I asked. She devoted herself to the project tirelessly and her collaboration with the architect was smooth and inspired. We have an upbeat "dream space" that is multi-functional, for our staff to enjoy working in, perfect for receptions and concerts, and to welcome our visiting professionals, who always remark about its bright playful energy.

Sandra has worked with my husband and me on several projects, as Art Consultant for his business, and as Interior Designer for our family home. Since we too are professional designers, we are very particular about aesthetics. The outcome of our long collaboration with Sandra has been amazing. Her taste spanned sophisticated and elegant to fun and edgy, depending on the goal. How she blended our collection of antique Eastern artifacts with comfortable new furniture and Modern Art looks polished and unique. It couldn't be more suited to our lifestyle, while it also conjures memories of our travels. Sandra made our experience very pleasant by her ability to honor our budget requirements and meet our deadlines. She remains a friend, who I call for advice on any décor decisions.

A Williams | Montclair NJ

S Lambert | NYC

It's truly a pleasure working with Sandra. Decorating our duplex apartment was a huge undertaking and she made it feel manageable, with a well thought-through approach to each room/area of our home. She totally understood our aesthetic of comfortable modern, but also elevated and expanded it as well, and gave me a real appreciation for design. Her relationships throughout the industry are quite meaningful and reflects not only her successful career, but also a meaningful value add to her clients, in addition to her impeccable taste.

Sandra has been a real find for me and my family! Her design
sense is impeccable and she is very easy to work with. We
connected via an event in our shared neighborhood and have
been working together over the years ever since. When
a project presents itself in our long-time UWS home, I know I
can count on her to pull off the perfect design solution with
creativity, ease, and utmost professionalism. As an artist,
I remain involved throughout the aesthetic process. Ours has
been a winning combination, creating lasting collaboration and
                                                            A Levi | NYC

R Parivar | LA

Set Decorator 'What Just Happened'

De Niro / Levinson

I just want to thank you again for everything - you were fantastic, Sandra, and I'm so proud of the job we did together. The sets were awesome. It was such a pleasure to meet and work with you, and I look forward to the next film project we can share!

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