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SANDRASDECORA is a design collage I created to cover a range of services. Years of passionate intrigue in these related arts honed my expertise in all of them, converging in my current practice as an Interior Designer.

I guide my clients to acquire quality affordable Fine Art to enrich and further personalize their space. My emphasis on lighting, variety of textures and materials, accent paint colors and finishes add flavor. Layering avoids results becoming predictable or mundane. Thinking 'green' forever figures into the mix.

My ultimate pleasure derives from creating a unique spatial design that exceeds expectation as a portrait of its owner, so therefore can't be replicated. And I can remain engaged by creating something uniquely different with each project.

SENSUOUS MODERNISM, a style embracing the contemporary and heritage, best expresses my aesthetic. I find it flexible and exciting. Opportunities for discovery and surprise are often lost by following formula, current trend, or a single period. Juxtaposing old and new in fresh ways, combining the "keepers" with current additions, merge the owner's past and present with their future.

A successful interior is one that closely reflects those who live, work, or play in it. As individual as we are, the place we spend our time or call home must be too. A single room or complex space needs to feel like we belong there, is soulful, the place that makes us happiest, and enjoy returning to.

My responsibility is to listen, intuit, and interpret the personal character of my client. After function and comfort is the artful curating of elements to achieve balance and flow. An architect's vision as well as the bones of the structure are considered and respected.

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